Google+ gets polite

Google+ users are likely familiar with the personalized aspects the social network has on both organic and local search results. For instance, as State of Search points out, when logged into Google+ you can view which one of the friends inside your circle "+1'd" a link, likely influencing your browsing decision.

Now, Google+ seems to have taken the personalization aspect even further by allowing you to thank the friends who recommended certain pages for you.

According to a statement from Google, "Just like you would thank a friend in person for giving you a helpful recommendation, now if a friend’s +1 helped you find what you were looking for while searching on Google, you can immediately thank him or her by clicking the 'Thanks' link right in your search results and writing a quick message," Search Engine Land reports.

The news source points out that this addition "further blends organic results with social information," and has been making the rounds "intermittently" on Google+ of late.

In order for the "Thank" feature to be in effect, the link in the search results must be +1'd from a circled user, and once your friend is logged in, your thanks will appear in his or her stream.

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