Is Google+ the New Facebook?

There's been a lot of talk about Google+ in the news lately with stories about how Google+ will surpass Facebook soon and how Google+ is likely to be a real Facebook killer. But are these statements true and will Google+ truly surpass the behemoth that is Facebook? Well, maybe.

Google+ Fact and Fiction

First, let's take a look at Google+, itself. It's going into its third year now and while Google Circles appears to be growing, one has to wonder how true the growth figures truly are. Google+ was able to pad its numbers with the numbers of users it already has from Google Mail, YouTube, and other established media. Have a Gmail account? Then you already are a member of Google+.

When considering that Facebook doesn't add users from any other medium, one can see how Google+ might not be as popular as touted. At the same time, there appears to be confusion by users of Google services what exactly Google+ is, and is not. So much so that according to the Pew Research on social media excluded Google+ from their questions.

Should I Avoid Google+?

So if Google+ isn't going to take over the world anytime soon, should you avoid it? The answer is a definitive "no!" Unlike Facebook which is relatively mature, Google+ is more open to new markets and new business. Not everyone who is on Google+ is on Facebook, and now with Google+, you can actually email people with Gmail addresses. While it's likely to get your business in trouble for spam if you email wantonly, you may be able to email those people who choose to add you to their circles without problems. By becoming more active on Google+, you may actually build a great business presence that other businesses have failed to cultivate.

Google+ Features

A bonus with Google+ is their circles feature, which allows you add users to your "circles" and allow them to add you back. Unlike Facebook which can get pretty annoyed for "friending" people you don't know. Google+ actually encourages you to add people to your circles. In fact, if you have a business page on Google+, chances are your business will rank higher on Google searches, thus making it an extra benefit.

Which is Really Better?

The fact that Facebook has been trying to catch up with some of Google+ features seems to show that even the behemoth is worried. Google+'s posting abilities are far more flexible than Facebook's. In fact, MakeUseOf determined that Google+ beat out Facebook in features 4 to 2 seems to indicate the tide is turning.

So, for business, Google+ may indeed be better, even though Facebook currently has more active users. Time will tell whether the Google+ predictions hold up, but as a business, it's a good idea to hangout both on Google+ and Facebook.


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