This is a Catchy Headline About Google+ Tips!

This is a Catchy Headline About Google+ Tips!

Content Writer: Martin Poston Martin Poston Digital Marketing Strategist

Increasing traffic to your site adds value to your marketing strategy and helps brand your business. Using social media is important, but as Google Authorship continues to grow, using Google+ to enhance your site traffic can make a tremendous difference. Here are a few tips to help you use Google+ to your advantage:

  • Use catchy headlines

This will help your information stand out and get noticed by people interested in your content and topic.

  • Format your content for easy reading

Catching the attention of your audience is important. Make sure you bold your headlines, and use bullet points when you can for impact.

  • Give them information

You should write to complete your thoughts and give your readers information they want. If it’s a little lengthy, as long as it has a good balance of text and images, you should be fine.

  • Use images to get your point across

Top posts have awesome images. Be creative and use your own. Make sure to utilize the full-size image links, and put a link within your text.

  • Make it public

Making your posts public gives you an advantage over people who just share their content with their circles or specific individuals. You never know who is looking for content, and your post may be the random selection of the day.

  • Use hashtags

Use these wisely to drive traffic to your site. Google+ uses hashtags for association. Maximize this opportunity.

  • Use Google+ comments to your advantage

You can embed Google+ comments into your personal blog, which allows others to share your post. This creates a trickle-down effect and helps increase site traffic and user engagement.

  • Use interactive posts

What exactly are interactive posts? This is when you customize your content but include a call-to-action or URL to drive users to engage further.

This will help your business increase visibility while driving traffic to your site. Maximize the potential you have to make an impact. A few enhancements to your online strategy and the way you use Google+ can make a difference. The rest is up to you!

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