4 Advertising Innovations to Watch in 2014

4 Advertising Innovations to Watch in 2014

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

Digital media advertising now includes a whole new world of marketing — the mobile-device arena. Here are four paid advertising innovations taking the digital world by storm:

1) Google App Install Ads

Google paid advertising on mobile apps means developers and businesses can now buy ads to promote their own app downloads. They deliver these ads within mobile searches and via YouTube using a service called TrueView.

This new digital marketing resource allows companies to target ads based on data, such as:

  • Apps used by consumers
  • How often consumers use the apps
  • Purchasing history of targeted user (including businesses)

2) #watchonsky with Twitter

Sky teamed up with #Twitter to bring consumers a new way to watch and record TV shows. The #watchonsky hashtag, along with “watch” and “record” icons, show on specific tweets during certain programs.

Tweeters can simply click on the icons to quickly access trending shows. The belief is that this leads to paid advertising through Promoted Tweets by Sky, and soon, other businesses.

3) Facebook Autoplay Video Ads

This paid advertising media is officially known as “Premium Video Ads.” It's now being used to deliver video ads to users through their Facebook newsfeeds. The 15-second videos play automatically as consumers view their timelines.

Adobe calls the process SoMoVid (social, mobile and video). Their research shows that video content creates twice the amount of engagement on Facebook than non-video content. From 2012 to 2013, Facebook video engagement increased from 42% shares to 70% shares. Adobe says these stats show that companies should create marketing videos as paid advertising media on Facebook.

4) Twitter App Download Ads

Through Twitter's MoPub ad exchange, companies can soon buy paid advertising on app installs. E-commerce businesses can place ads driven by mobile purchases, subscriber registrations and app downloads.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2013, 245 million Facebook users downloaded mobile apps after seeing news feed ads for those apps. Twitter plans to take its share of this market through its innovative technology known as “Twitter Card.”


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