Death, Taxes and Internet Marketing

Death, Taxes and Internet Marketing

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

The world often seems upside down. The internet flipped the script on your marketing strategy. It changed consumer behavior and left business owners scrambling. If nothing else, you can be certain that your business needs an internet presence.

As a business owner, having a internet marketing presence is no longer an option, but a necessity. It's like paying your taxes. You have to do it.

Today’s business owner must be savvy with all online tools and have a viable social media presence. Paid advertising can be very useful when marketing your company, but knowing which outlets and strategies you need to craft an effective campaign can make a tremendous difference and positively increase your ROI. You need to know your business, and understand the target demographic.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pay per Click: Pay per Click, or PPC is the overarching term from all online advertising. It can be very effective when the right campaign is implemented on the right platform. Doing your research for a specific targeted audience can help you achieve great results while keeping costs low.


  • Display Advertising: Display advertising is growing in popularity. It can deliver your brand to huge groups of consumers for a relatively low price is used correctly. The images and copy you use are very important when utilizing display advertising. Testing your copy prior to implementing your campaign is key.


  • Google AdWords: AdWords is by far the most popular choice for paid advertising. Google generates 96% of revenue from AdWords. Businesses need to look at campaign performance, cost per click and ROI when formulating and continuing these types of campaigns. When using AdWords, it’s best to set a daily budget and rotate your paid advertising based on the time of day that will guarantee you the most visibility.


  • Social Advertising: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all have advertising options now, and are generated based on user preferences. This paid advertising method directly targets the audience you are looking for based on your analytics.

Effectively managing your paid advertising campaigns will add to your social media marketing strategies and help brand your company to position you as a leader in your industry. Customer engagement through paid advertising is not only smart, but is good business sense when used correctly.

Getting advice from an expert can help you understand how this method can assist in acquiring new customers while retaining the audience you already have. Paid advertising is the number one strategy for garnering new online business. Understand the process and you’ve got yourself a winning formula!

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