Email Marketing: A Blueprint for Success

Email Marketing: A Blueprint for Success

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

To succeed you have to have a plan or strategy. This you know. Large retailers advertise in a variety of ways, including paid search, local search marketing, social media marketing and website content creation. For a small to medium sized business it's important to know how email marketing is ideally suited for those running a local business. Directly marketing a targeted message to a specific group using email can build the loyalty, trust and brand awareness you need. Here's why email marketing can work for you!

Guaranteed Exposure

Email marketing guarantees your message reaches the audience you crave, which is why your material must be reasonable, to the point and include your best quality ads. In comparison with basic email, direct email marketing results in higher response rates and greater average order value for small businesses in e-commerce. Previous posts suggest improvements and enhancements to each email you send until open rates and conversions begin to rise.

Reaching Relevant Audiences

Users who receive your email already have a certain amount of intent which is why they are subscribed in the first place. Thus, email marketing is very effective in sending relevant traffic to your website. Studies show that 89 percent of young adults spend between one and five hours per day on their mobile devices. Growing numbers of them prefer to purchase products directly from their mobile devices.


Email marketing can mean organic growth and it allows you to run effective, targeted campaigns while staying within your advertising budget. According to eMarketer, in 2012 U.S. companies were spending about $64 billion per year on TV ads, $34 billion on print ads, and $39 billion on Internet advertising. How much was spent on email marketing? Only about $1.5 billion. That makes for a strong argument that email marketing is the most cost-effective method available.

Email marketing can spark repeat business and increase customer retention. Creation and distribution of custom emails to your clients will enforce your brand. Strategic send times and subject lines can go even deeper into a brand-focused customer approach. As a small to medium sized business you simply can't miss out on the advantages email marketing offers you.

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