How Small Businesses can Even the Playing Field

How Small Businesses can Even the Playing Field

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

Small business owners face quite a few different challenges throughout many different market sectors these days. It seems like large-scale corporations seem to always have all of the advantages, but owners do have a surprising variety of tools at their disposal nowadays. Small business owners need to consider how they can integrate these strategies into their current marketing effort. This ability to adapt to new tools will create more customers and generate higher overall sales totals in just a short amount of time.

First, every small business owner needs to make sure that they have an active Facebook account set up for their business. This may sound like a relatively insignificant step, but it’s a crucial element of branding. Small business owners also need to connect with the right group of Facebook users. This will go a long way towards helping owners develop a committed and engaging consumer base. If a business is continually releasing all new products or promoting new specials, then Facebook will serve as an appropriate platform to do so.

Small business owners will also want to update their websites with new content. Don’t let your website get stale. This is one of the best ways that businesses can actually generate user interest. Consistently providing new content can actually foster the development of a committed community of users. Blogs, sales and product updates are all ways to bring consumers back to your website. Developing this kind of consumer loyalty is the key to sustained success. It will create a stable base of consumers who will likely become repeat customers and refer others to your website.

Search engine optimization is another topic that draws a lot of attention from business owners. It can lead to increased site visits, but is difficult to sustain and is costly for small businesses. Optimizing your business’s web presence for local search is actually a more cost-effective option. Consider your presence on Google+, Yelp and other local search websites. In fact, 97% of consumers are searching for businesses online. Most will look consider your local presence, reviews and the amount of information you offer them. Local search should never be underestimated.

With these combined tactics, owners can expect increased engagement and new customers. Keep an eye on sales figures to ask customers how they are finding you. Record your most successful marketing channel and understand why it’s working for you. Continue to play to your strengths while you look to build up other marketing tactics.

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