Importance of Images in Online Marketing

Importance of Images in Online Marketing

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Everyday business owners are looking to increase traffic to their website, but there is too much for the consumer to select. It is important that businesses make content easy and quick to digest. Consumers get bored easily and images help in appealing to those who have little or no time to read long texts. Consumers are more likely to pay attention to image-centric content as opposed to plain content. Current market trends agree with this mentality, especially if the rapid rise success of Pinterest, Buzzfeed and Instagram are anything to go by.

Staying up to date is a crucial aspect in online marketing. Consumers today prefer content with well-placed images to break up the text and emphasize points graphically. According to Trend Reports, 65 to 85 percent of people describe themselves as visual learners. Smartphone photography has also been instrumental in achieving marketing goals, as more and more users are sharing pictures online.

Why Use Images?

Images have many advantages over plain text. They provide graphic communication, summarizing the text in a way that is easier to understand, and they open up search engine optimization for your website. Businesses can add alt and meta tags as well as text that contains relevant keywords to improve SEO possibilities. Pictures also allow users to employ hash tags, especially on social media networks, which increase visibility. Images also make a website more interesting; increasing the probability that content could become viral among a large population of users.

According to Forbes, consumers also prefer simplistic marketing over intricate content. Consumers have a constant barrage of information and advertisements vying for their attention, and they will often give their most direct attention to simple and direct messages. Images allow businesses to simplify their message in a single design that will appeal to consumers at a glance.

Images are also easier to share as opposed to text. More apps in the market allow consumers to share their images than text. Using images allows visitors to your website the ability to share information through different apps and platforms, for example, Instagram and Pinterest.

How to Use Images Online?

Despite the rise in image-centric online marketing, it is important to approach this field cautiously so it works to your advantage. You must put your best foot forward to get the customer's attention. Only use your best images, and avoid bombarding visitors with too many images. Give teasers that persuade consumers to visit your website to learn more about the product. Make it easy for people to share your images with other users online. Share images regularly, and include images from other businesses. For example, if your business sells dresses, you can share images of shoes and jewelry so you cater fully to the needs of your audience.

Provide clients with a forum for interaction. Customers will appreciate a personal experience as opposed to direct marketing. Let them interact with the business, this may have long-term benefits

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