Keeping it Fresh: Less is Indeed More

Keeping it Fresh: Less is Indeed More

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

When it comes to great Internet marketing, relevancy, emotional connection and evoked amazement make things explode, and memorable marketing campaigns remain potent in consumers’ minds. Memorable campaigns resonate with audiences, and they connect customers with products and services. Regardless of a firm’s placement within the industry, creating lasting and potent impressions is important.

The following campaigns have utilized innovative approaches to capture the public’s attention, and their acquisition of audience approval should be noted by like-minded thinkers across all platforms.

Coca-Cola’s Sharing Can Emerges Globally

Coca-Cola has had several striking campaigns, and it has utilized audience connection to invoke nostalgia from a Coke can. Its campaign has pushed its message into global channels, and Coke has positioned itself to connect millions of individuals across the planet. With customizable, dividable and multi-sized cans, Coca-Cola has spread its products across many non-mainstream channels.

Google’s Minimalistic Platform is Optimized for Success recently conducted a case study of Google, and they’ve discovered the power of near-invisible marketing. Google utilizes, what calls, “the power of less.” “When you open the Google page, you will see a Google logo, and right in the middle is the search bar, which is fast in loading, and easily visible.”

Google became famous for its accessible services, and it became widely popular due to its lack of confusing features offered by its competitors. Its website doesn’t post ads, and its reliability upon preferences helps users understand their undiscovered needs — which is a large portion of marketing potential contained within the iceberg’s underbelly. “The best way to make users happy ... is to give them exactly what they want,” states

Game of Thrones and HBO’s Genius Maneuvers

Game of Thrones harbored a consistent, clean and mysterious marketing campaign while providing fans with cool vibes throughout the season. Game of Thrones revealed its subtle themes throughout various television spots, and it led potential viewers in through vague renditions of the series’ dragon. The campaign was subtle, and it was highly consistent with fans’ desires.

With a wide array of innovate marketing approaches, individuals may consider following the breadcrumb trail. The media is evolving, and subtlety may be a key component to revolutionary marketing. With a healthy supply of knowledge and with expert tools available, perhaps you, too, may construct the newest inspirational marketing model.

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