Send Email When the Time is Right

Send Email When the Time is Right

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

Email campaigns can be complicated, and wide-spread consumer bases are often sensitive to specific timeframes. Email marketing requires a firm approach to many variables, but understanding consumer behavior is a key variable. When selecting a target audience for email newsletters, consider both relevant and non-direct factors.

Focus Upon the Recipient

Is your consumer receptive? Often, when targeting a specific consumer base, understanding their temperament towards an email campaign is vital. The majority of emails are opened during weekdays, according to Email Marketing Guide, and many individuals access email services throughout the workday. Considering these basic demographics can also help assess a consumer’s situation before sending a newsletter:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Time Zone
  • Income Level

Delivery Methods and Time

While list sizes matter, time is a key factor. Email platforms may take a while to process a send, and properly scheduling campaigns to avoid consumer downtimes will ensure an effective newsletter release. Email campaigns rely upon promptness, and streamlining a strategically scheduling a batch can boost a campaign instantaneously.

Marketing Profs has depicted Wednesday mid-afternoons as prime email access times, so acquiring software capable of achieving timely releases can help industry leaders target this bracket.

Choosing the Right Email Service Provider (ESP)

Not every ESP is equal, and some are capable of re-sending emails quickly following access. Others, meanwhile, may take hours to process and re-distribute newsletters. When selecting an effective ESP, consider the following factors:

  • Volume-based access points
  • Filters
  • Turnaround time

ESPs capable of achieving quick turnaround time should be utilized, and splitting a subscriber base into smaller segments helps deliver newsletters upon a well-scheduled regimen.

While calculating manageable time-frames for a newsletter campaign should be a prime consideration, other methods are similarly effective. For marketers considering high-volume email lists, newsletter launches should be early to meet a desired timeframe. Additionally, smaller newsletter lists will benefit from personal approaches.

Email newsletters take time to format, release and receive turnaround. However, once a streamlined system is utilized, optimization is just a few quick steps away.

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Email Marketing

I would say that with the complexity that email marketing has it's still worth it to build and nuture your list of customers.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014 by Christian Richardson

Make your subject line attractive and make it recognizable as you wouldn’t like to open the email received by unknown sender. Remind the subscribers why they signed up by sending promotions or newsletters. Clean old list and choose the best time to send the emails.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014 by lisa smith