Taking Over the World One Location at a Time

Taking Over the World One Location at a Time

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

Local marketing is not just something for mom-and-pop shops; businesses with various branches in one or more states can also find great benefit from this form of marketing. We’re talking to you, franchise owners! In fact, national companies that do not emphasize a local presence may be missing out on thousands of potential customers, as Google's Carousel now places a listing of half a dozen local companies ahead of all organic search engine results, increasing the likelihood that people will not notice your listing even if it is located on the first page of search engine results. Your national brand may not suffice in a hyperlocal world.

How to Get a Desirable Listing on a Local Level

The first step in getting a desirable listing on a local level is to sign up the local branch in Google Places. This is relatively simple and completely free. You just enter your business information, check for mistakes, and submit. Well, there’s a little more too it, but we can help with that. Your business may already have a listing created without you even knowing it. We specialize in this type of cleanup.

If you do not have a physical location (brick and mortar) in a particular city, but you service that area, do not worry. There are ways in which you can create a location based platform that will enable you to get listed as a local business in Google. Simply look over the options and pick the one that is most appropriate for your business. For example, you can select the radius or zip codes in which you do business. Be careful though, because you can’t outsmart Google. Don’t assume that by widening your service area you will reach new prospects from surrounding areas.

Next, you will want to expand on your local listing page by uploading engaging photos of your business, choice products and customer reviews. Strong visuals are extremely important. We’d even recommend investing in a professional photographer or at least a friend with a nice camera! Photos provide the intimate view of your business, employees and products that prospective consumers are looking for. Don’t believe us? Google thinks so too.

While it is tempting to advertise at the national level to reach as many people as possible, it is important to realize that local advertising has the potential to generate a much higher ROI than national advertising. Make sure each of your branch offices has the potential to reach local clients, not just via Google Carousel, but also with other local directories, social media platforms and customized email marketing. Doing so will increase your reach, expand your customer base, and boost your business success, both now and in the future.

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