The Future of Email Marketing: It Doesn't Need Roads

The Future of Email Marketing: It Doesn't Need Roads

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

Years come and go, and technology is ever-increasing. While professionals look ahead, you should be following their paths. Current trends reveal the near future of email marketing, and many predictions have been drawn from pre-existing factors and opportunities. Don’t forget to pay attention to marketing channels, and don’t underestimate the growth of our world’s soon-to-be dominant source of company marketing.

Email: The One, True, Relationship Channel

Email marketing forms relationships, and this year it featured some fantastic brands utilizing current data to inspire and excite customers. Understandably, these trends will likely catch on within larger groups, and many large companies will likely grasp the high-impact opportunities available. In the near future, email will likely position itself within increasingly valuable consumer channels, and it will further promote products they love through improved content value and relevance.

Brands Will Become Smarter—and They’ll Utilize Data More Efficiently

Preference data and engagement, while powerful, often have mistaken and overestimated shelf-lives. Consumers require up-to-date information about brands, and companies need relevant and useful preference data to excite them. When website purchase behavior and engagement mechanics evolve, initial preference data may expire or become less useful to marketers. Transactional data, and interactional data, are available within a realm yet to reach its full potential: Email.

Mobile-First is Becoming Mobile-Always

Mobile is becoming the single-leading platform for customers, and it’s beaten the odds to become favorable for marketing emails across the world. Watch the numbers, and watch companies increase their mobile email output. Email marketing is about to gain a boon within the smartphone industry, and you should be there for it. 40% of Americans are using mobile devices to check their email. Your campaign must be optimized for the complete mobile experience.

Overall, channels are experiencing heightened integration, and email marketing is gaining presence, and websites like have examined an influx of “rich customer and prospective customer data” available for resource-usage. Marketers are about to harness these resources, and email is perfect for amplifying a wide array of product features, company messages and newsletters to subscribers’ social pages. Email marketing grants users the ability to market a brand specifically and effectively. Get ready to empower your email database, and become empowered by the bright future ahead.

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Email is not everything

I agree that email is a vital communication channel between brands and consumers. However, it is not the end all and be all of channels. Today’s consumer rapidly moves across channels often within the same transaction. Marketers need to continually capture behavioral data and use it to personalize not only the content but also the interaction channel the consumer prefers for the type of engagement. Marketing systems that only support email will fail the marketer.
Marketers can only achieve this with a marketing automation system that is based on a 360 degree view of the customer, able to track and convert anonymous into known visitors, personalize inbound as well as outbound interactions, and measure the results. The right system should understand the visitor, act on intent, enable the visitor to achieve their target outcome, and measure conversion into revenue. If your system can’t do all this, you might want to look for a new one. – Andre Lejeune, CEO,

Thursday, May 15, 2014 by Andre Lejeune