Tips on Formatting Text Only Email Content

Tips on Formatting Text Only Email Content

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

When it comes to creating email marketing campaigns, we tend to stress about creating content and consequently forget to properly format the email. In many ways, your email is only as good as the formatting on the page. Here are a few tips to help your emails stay in recipients' inbox and out of the virtual trash can. Even text only emails needs to be properly formatted for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Never copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word. While Word is full of great tools, many of the characters don't properly translate to email content. Instead, you should copy your content into Notepad prior to placing it into your desired email template. Next, use your email platform's HTML coder to properly format headlines, fonts and other text.
  2. Bolding and different font sizes should be used when sending plain text email. The latter tricks of the trade will help to make your content visually appealing. These tactics can also help you to highlight the most important information, which will make it easier to spot, especially for those viewers who like to scan emails. Above all, make sure that your text can be read easily.
  3. Underline links to make them more appealing. When we scan emails, we often look for relevant links. By underlining these links, it is more likely that a reader will click on them. 
  4. Break up text with headlines and graphics. Depending on your recipients' email settings, images may not automatically load. As such, be sure to alternate breaking up the text with headlines and graphics. This dual approach will appeal to a wider range of people and ensure that the email loads correctly on a variety of devices. You can also add alt text to images to users can identify what the image is without downloading it.
  5. Keep the paragraphs to a minimum. When it comes to an email marketing campaign, text should always be short and simple. We are constantly bombarded by emails throughout the day. You want to make sure that you can convey your points in as few words as possible. Properly designed infographics can also help you to achieve this. 

No matter the content, emails should always be formatted for optimal viewing across multiple devices. This means properly coding the email using an HTML editor, embedding small image media sizes, keeping text to the point, and engaging your reader to save, share, or click a relevant link. 

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