Using Online Marketing to Become an Industry Authority

Using Online Marketing to Become an Industry Authority

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

As recently as a few years ago, simply having an active blog was enough to set you apart from your competitors. However, the secret is out. Almost every business owner in every niche now understands the power of blogging in relation to SEO and social media marketing. This has greatly increased online competition. Having an active blog is no longer sufficient to grow your business online.

You need to become the expert in your industry. The authority that everyone else looks to for news, trends and solutions. Becoming an authority is no easy task, however, you can use online marketing to help.

What Exactly is an Online Authority?

What is an authority? It is defined as, “a person or organization having power or control in a particular, typically political or administrative, sphere.”

Becoming an online authority within your industry means that you have notable influence. It does not necessarily mean that you control your industry or issue orders to your regular readers. Instead, it means people come to you when they want to learn more about your industry. Of course, this also means that when it is time to make a purchase, they will also think of your company.

Vital Online Marketing Techniques for Becoming an Authority

Now that we know what an online authority is, how do you become one? There are several techniques that will help you on your journey to becoming an online authority:

  • Content Marketing. Content marketing is the practice of distributing helpful and pertinent information over time that builds trust with your brand. Content should be based on information or entertainment, not centered on sales. However, occasionally, you can mention your product, service or an affiliate. When you do, your readership will happily become your customer. Content marketing is vital in becoming a real authority. You need a wealth of information about your industry.
  • Express Yourself Everywhere. You cannot just be a source of information. You need to add some charisma to your online presence. You should have the same message within blog communities, social networks and advertisements. Decide on exactly what the company wants to say to new leads and make the message consistent. Use a consistent logo and develop major brand recognition.
  • Listen to Your Audience (SEO and SMM). Having a loyal audience is truly what makes you an authority. This means that listening to your audience is vital. The easiest way to listen is to actively engage with your blog comments. Make sure everyone gets a response, even if that response is just a thank you. Beyond interactions on your blog, actively monitor social mentions on social networks. Additionally, keep an eye on the search terms that people are using to find your site. You can use SMM mentions and your SEO efforts to listen to audience members who may not comment on your blog. Use this information to guide your future content.

It will take time and effort to become a real online authority. However, it is certainly achievable. Consistently deliver great content, have a consistent message and listen to your audience.  

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