Visual Trends and Content Marketing: Where Aesthetics Shine

Visual Trends and Content Marketing: Where Aesthetics Shine

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

Effective marketing requires succinct content, a wide-ranging consumer-access point and a solid game plan. Many blog posts, articles, web-shows and live streams are effective, but without technical know-how and an understanding of basic image-management, industry leaders regularly fail within the “visual attribute department.”

Bold titles, word-savvy headlines and bullet lists aside, consumers respect the visual world, and you should, too.

Establishing Presence: Online Visibility and Visual Effectiveness.

“Consider visuals and visual content marketing your new content marketing frontier.” – Small Business Trends.

Social media, interactive internet marketing and ease-of-use web browsing have reduced the patience of all-text platforms. Often, consumers don’t have time to evaluate products and services when faced with paragraphs of text. Meanwhile, condensing information into small sections, utilizing subheadings and creating flashy headlines isn’t incredibly effective. While online articles can be thought-provoking, or even inspiring, consumers are often attracted to nearby links like fish to a boat-light.

Visual incorporation is vital to online marketing success—almost as much as textual content integrity. Visual representations of information unanimously rank high within search engines, and, additionally, they’re incredibly sharable. Images are widespread, and linking videos, comics and pictures is a top source for spillover marketing.

Google+ and Optimization

According to a University of Trento study, delivered through The Content Marketing Institute, visual marketing spheres have been tied to Google+ trends. While the study primarily targets the single network, its findings have provided incredible insights to visual online marketing’s true potential.

Different avenues have been uncovered, and statistical data linking portrait and landscape formats, animated and static images, color and black and white print have been decoded to reveal various optimization plans for various content forms.

In layman’s terms: Resources pertaining to online visual marketing schemes are available, and industry leaders are seeing them.

When online marketing divisions access visual marketing content, primary goals should always be considered. Increasing, and spreading buyer brand perception is important, and utilizing social metrics to create innovative consumer interactions should always be considered.

Visual aids are perfect for social analytics, as their effectiveness is easily conveyed through “likes”, “shares” or “re-blogs”. Content marketers can view this information, and they can analyze a marketing plan’s overall effectiveness through examination of inspirational, aesthetic, humorous or communicative schemes. Visual marketing is the future—and it’s time to join the crowd.

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