What does Super Bowl Advertising mean for your small business?

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

In 2012, Forbes reported that an estimated $1.85 Billion dollars were spent on Super Bowl ads, and the average cost for a 30 second TV spot was about $3.75 million. That’s a lot of money. We have come to expect the biggest companies to annually compete for our attention with funny, bizarre and emotional ads, but is it working? What does it mean for the small business owner that’s competing for the local consumers?

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Small businesses have no way to compete against the big spenders, but are they missing out on a golden opportunity by letting the heavyweights duke it out? Our friends at Google recently published several studies that suggest big spending by big companies can actually help out the little guys (we like the little guys).

Enter multi-screens. At any given time, consumers are using multiple devices for research, entertainment, shopping and communication.Commercials and television shows actually encourage this behavior. It’s the norm for see a hashtag in the lower right-hand corner when watching TV. The Super Bowl only energizes this behavior. Consumers will be tweeting, browsing,posting and reacting. Advertisers want to create as much buzz as possible.Small business owners need to tune in.

Research shows that 81% of people use their smartphone while watching TV. This indicates that the Go Daddy and Doritos won’t be the only ones getting attention on Super Bowl Sunday. Consumers will flock to the internet as they react to commercials in real time.

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TV commercials, popular programming and national events are major catalyst for search. Studies show that 56% of people will perform a mobile search after offline ad exposure, and TV ads are the biggest driver. Google reports that 22%of smart phone search and 10% of computer search is driven by seeing a commercial or seeing a TV program. This means that when people tune into the Super Bowl, one of the most watched TV activities, it will high volumes of search.

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So if the majority of TV watchers are on their phone at the same time, what are they doing? What does this mean for the small business owner? Paid advertising,social media posts and timely email marketing campaigns will all have a high level of visibility to local consumers.

revlocal superbowlrevlocal superbowl

 Almost every search query has local intent. There is a huge movement to support the local business owner, and in a world of “need it now,”local businesses provide the easiest way for consumers to get product or service they want. We know that 84% of local searches have taken a subsequent action after a local search. Is your small business showing up to be called,visited or shopped online?

It’s time to start planning your strategy now. Timing is everything. At RevLocal, we understand the nuances of marketing and embrace crunch time. Local search marketing is what we do. What’s your internet marketing strategy? Give us a call, we can help.


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