Who Knew Paid Ads Were so Social?

Who Knew Paid Ads Were so Social?

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

Social media content has gained ground within the last few years, and marketers have connected with consumers through status updates, posts, tweets and widespread videos. But what’s the news on paid advertising?

Multiple platforms have proven effective marketing experiences through paid ad options, and many ads have been gauged across multiple social networks. While many platforms are still determining their pay model, paid social media advertising has already been implemented into emerging websites.

The Truth About Social Media

It’s not much of a truth at all. It’s social. Almost everyone you know, and probably their mother, too, is involved with a social network, and a large slice of Americans maintain a current presence on social media websites.

When it comes to reaching a common goal within a company, paid advertisements are crucial to show both support and a powerful marketing position. Effective advertisements have proven companies' worth across a wide array of networks, and their communication has repeatedly complemented other communications across other platforms.

Consistency and Frequency

Paid advertising relies upon consistent updates and frequent updates to maintain steam. You probably know of “hit and run” advertising, and these one-time exposure plans are considerably less effective than a well-groomed and well-placed ad campaign. Repetition is important, and, with the prevalence of social media, it’s powerful.

Fullerton.edu has done a smash-up job connecting the dots, and they’ve identified correctly selected venues as paid advertising’s “key guidelines.” Reaching target audiences is necessary to maintaining a brand image, and obtaining reach is incredibly important.

Social platforms aren’t static, however, and new platforms are constantly emerging on the Internet to locate new audiences. Pinterest, for example, is gaining steam as Facebook has slowed considerably. Regardless of platform and regardless of a particular website’s life cycle, social networks thrive and die upon paid advertising, and managing impressions to spark revenue and maintain interest is important to the revolutionized industry.

While ad agencies and content sites are often effective, they should be aware of current trends, and they should understand the prospects and dangers for paid advertising across all media platforms. While content (social media) is king, an evolving and effective paid advertising plan is vital for growth and success.

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