Gowalla is gone, will foursquare benefit?

Gowalla is gone, will foursquare benefit?

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

Geo-location technology has been a huge part of the growth of local internet marketing, as it gives your company the ability to target consumers based on their proximity to your store.

Foursquare is a leader in this field, but a strong competitor has always been Gowalla, which was acquired by Facebook three months back.

Well, it appears Gowalla is now gone for good, and its functionality will likely be used to further Timeline's ability to interactively log your life activities. What it also does, the news source notes in a separate article, is "provide a more complex portrait of you to advertisers on the network," which creates better targeted marketing opportunities.

Former Gowalla CEO Josh Williams explains that the new Facebook integration will create more options for food-based apps to let friends know where you're eating, or fitness apps to log calories, fat loss, miles ran, etc.

Gowalla's departure also brings up the question of whether its users will transition to foursquare for future check-ins, or turn to Facebook and begin using the social network's functionality.

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