How to Increase Your Conversion Rate for Local Search Traffic

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate for Local Search Traffic

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

While every local business owner naturally wants to get a lot of traffic to his or her site, this is not the end goal. Your end goal is to make sales, and having a lot of people come to your site does not automatically ensure that you will have a high sales conversion rate.

The following are some simple, tried and proven tips that will boost your site's conversion rate. These tips can be applied by any business owner, no matter what type of products and/or services he or she is selling online.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Phones

Make sure your site loads quickly on mobile devices, is clearly visible, and easy to use. A recent Google study noted that well over 50 percent of mobile phone users will not return to a mobile site that did not load properly the first time around.

Stay in Touch

Some people who come to your site may simply not be in the market to buy at the present time. However, this does not mean that they will not buy something from you later on. Experts note that encouraging people to follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook business page and/or sign up for email updates will help to boost your conversion rate.

Make Sure Your Keywords Target a Local Audience

If your business is offering services and/or products that can only be used by those living in a particular area, make sure all your keywords target the area in question. The name of the city and/or areas you service should be included in prominent positions on your site. If you opt to do Google PPC advertising, be sure the keywords you choose include the name of the city as well. This ensures those who click on your site are likely to become customers.

Make Sure Your Site Is Trustworthy

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous businesses and individuals use the internet to rip people off. People are aware of this, which is why they will be hesitant to do business with a site that appears less than professional. If you want to increase your local conversion rate, then make sure your site includes positive customer reviews, BBB accreditation (if you have it) and a notice reassuring your customers that you will never sell or give their information to anyone else. If you sell products online, having SSL security is a must.

If you want to increase your site's local conversion rate, start by carefully analyzing your site. Ensure that it is professional in appearance, has proper security, uses localized keywords in prominent positions, and is easily viewed using a mobile phone. Next, make it easy for site visitors to stay in touch with you via Twitter, Facebook, email and RSS. If you do so, your site's conversion rate will steadily rise.

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