Marketing your YouTube video

Creating an effective online video isn't an easy task for local internet marketing professionals - there are various factors to keep in mind beyond the content itself.

For instance, MarketingProfs explains that one way to make a quality - and possibly viral - online video is to keep it simple. Even if you have to explain complex messages, it's best to have one clear bottom line that you want to get across while keeping on-screen graphics, animations and lengthy dialogue to a minimum. This allows your audience to take in the message of your video more easily.

But once you've created a quality video, how do you get people to actually view it?

The news source notes in a separate article that the first step is finding a dependable hosting service. Your provider should offer consistent quality with the assurance that your video won't randomly be taken down at any point.

"Websites such as YouTube and Vimeo are traditionally pretty reasonable at providing such a service; if you want 100 percent peace of mind, then investing some money into a host such as Brightcove or Bitsontherun might be a good idea," author Andy Havard explains.

Also, be aware that Google's new search algorithms place more emphasis on video for SEO purposes, and optimizing your YouTube video can possibly vault you up above the fold on Google's search engine results page. This means filling out all meta-data on every video-sharing site your content is hosted on, and writing as much information as possible - along with your regular and long-tail keywords when applicable - into the title and description.

Social media users can be drawn to video because visual content is usually easier to consume than lengthy articles. Try sharing your video on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to expand your reach to your primary audience and beyond.

But simply sharing the video isn't enough - you need to follow up and remain involved. Interact with the communities you've shared your content on by participating in discussions that take place (both positive and negative), as this will create "good marketing karma" for you, the media outlet explains.

Finally, test, test, test. You can't determine return on investment of a video if you're not using functions to analyze its performance. Keep track of video views, Likes, conversions, website visits and bounce rates, or use tools such as Google Analytics to determine how to increase hits.

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