How Local Search Marketing can Have a Global Impact

How Local Search Marketing can Have a Global Impact

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

[IMAGE left full] Depending on your industry, your small business is probably locally-oriented. However, by partnering with RevLocal, you can also create some global brand identity that will help you locally and gain entrance to a potentially wider market.

You should first ask yourself some probing questions. Answering objectively will give you strong insight for your business. Answer these questions honestly to get the most value from them.

·         Do you have a physical location (brick and mortar)?

·         Are you happy with your website and social media pages?

·         Do you believe that, since you have a small, local company, you don’t need a professional “sticky” website or an active social media presence?

·         Could you capture more customers with a professional multichannel marketing system?

·         Do you want to expand your brand nationally or internationally?

·         Are you aware of the global implications of having an online presence?

If you have a brick and mortar location, you may not believe you need a great website and social media page. You’d be wrong, however, as most people looking for products or services begin by searching the Internet. Remember, effective local search marketing will generate an excellent return on investment (ROI) in your service area.

Even though you currently lack the capacity to sell to a wider regional, national or international market, you should install a reliable e-commerce component for future development. An effective local search marketing strategy can often be modified to permit you to sell to the world.

You’ll only enhance your brand if you understand that once you go online, people around the region, nation and most foreign countries can also go to your sites. They may even make comments about your company.

For example, social media "listening," also called "monitoring," is growing in popularity. Listening involves assessing the comments your website or social media page receives from all readers, customers, prospects or just 'net surfers.

Even as an organization serving your local market, you must listen to comments from local prospects and global visitors. Respond to all questions and comments as soon as possible, particularly if local visitors have customer service questions or problems. Responding to comments from foreign readers should also be done immediately whenever possible. Why?

Remember, your website and social media pages receive "unstructured" information; visitors can say anything they choose. Your will impress your local customers if the comments are positive or received from foreigners. Receiving negative comments also requires you to respond equally quickly for damage control.

Treat your website and social media presence as you would a one-to-one chat. Visitor comments, whether positive or negative, are an unstructured thermometer of their feelings and perceptions. You want to answer their questions and respond to comments just as you would when sitting across from them.

At RevLocal, we help companies think large by thinking local. Give us a call today! Your company can maximize the benefits by having a RevLocal Internet Marketing Agent (IMA), who is an expert in local search marketing.

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