How to Hide Your Address on Google My Business

Usually, we talk about making sure local businesses can be found by address, but not all local business owners want their addresses to be found online. If you work in a specific service area with no storefront, you probably don’t want Google to display your home address to the world. Read on, and watch the video to learn how to hide your home address and select your desired service area in Google My Business.
If you’re already a RevLocal client, we’ve already taken care of claiming, verifying and optimizing your Google My Business page.
This includes hiding your home address (if you have no storefront) and adding your accurate service area. However, if you’re managing your business's listings and place pages on your own, you can follow these steps to hide your address on Google My Business.
We put together a quick video:
Here’s the step-by-step breakdown of how to hide your address in Google My Business.
1. Log in to your Google My Business account.
2. Click on your locations page.
3. Select card view if it isn't already selected.
4. Click on “Manage Location.”
5. Click the Edit button.
6. Find the address section. Click the pencil to edit the address.
7. Find the section that reads: “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location”. Make sure “Yes” is selected.
8. Add your service area, if it isn’t already there. You can choose a zip code, cities or a radius.
9. Make sure the box next to “I serve customers at my business address” is not selected. If it is, Google will display your address.
10. Click apply.
That’s it! Now your home address is hidden, but local consumers should still be able to find you in searches if you set your service area.
Content Writer: Isabella Andersen Isabella Andersen Senior Content Strategist


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