Local Search Marketing | The Importance of Updating Your Local Listing

Local Search Marketing | The Importance of Updating Your Local Listing

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

The Internet has totally changed the manner in which information is shared and processed. It has also made a dramatic impact on branding and marketing techniques for businesses of all sizes.

The pull technique vs. the push technique has become a successful search marketing component for local SMBs regardless of their niche markets. You may be wondering how it works. Here's a simple analogy – visualize a tiny bumblebee who's irresistibly drawn to the sweet nectar of flowers that are impossible to resist. That's an example of a pull technique although the tiny bee hasn't a clue. Creating this irresistible urge to explore, consume, and purchase should be top of mind with your local marketing plans to increase your brand's visibility on the web.

Fresh Content is Important

Pull marketing refers to customers or other related business owners who actively search for your product or service. Build referrals by creating demand, and improving brand awareness with content. You've known about the importance of location when it comes to real estate...well, the same thing applies to site content. Find out more.

More local businesses are finding a great deal of success by updating their content and local listing details that help to attract customers. Bear in mind that the search engines are always looking for fresh content.

Create a Local Business Citation Listing

This business listing includes your company name, phone number, and address. Some of the local citation listings will also include your website link, business description, service and product details along with social media profiles. This is important for local search engine rankings.

Develop a Local Scholarship

Create good will and awareness by creating a math, science, or technology scholarship for a local high school or college. Ask the educational institution to list it so students can apply.

You can also consider approaching your community bank for matching funds. Almost all of the major banks will work with you by matching modest amounts such as $500.00. Working with the bank will give you the opportunity for increased local awareness and cross promotion with flyers, web banners, posters, and public relations before and after.

Consider Incorporating these Measures

How fast do your web pages load? Speed is important to attract and convert visitors. Have your webmaster use Google's PageSpeed tool to check your site. Review other tools as well.

Another important tactic is publishing original and innovative blog and social media content. As an example, if you own a pizza parlor, develop a blog post and Facebook update about your unique and healthy toppings, the fact that your pizzas don't contain MSG, they are small individual kid size pizzas, and discount specials are available, etc. This information provides obvious benefits for brand building and attracting new customers.

Don't Forget Video

The use of video can add tremendous value to your local site if it's well produced. Fortunately, the costs are considerably lower than they used to be. To find out more about the advantages of video, visit us.  


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