Personalize Your Local SEO with Google Authorship

Personalize Your Local SEO with Google Authorship

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

The little things add up when you need to squeeze every last cent from your local search marketing budget. Every extra optimization step your business takes should give you a little more results-page real estate.

Using Google Authorship is one of those steps where a little effort goes a long way. All you need is a Google+ profile, a snippet of code, and some patience.

Google offers some quick tips to set up authorship, so this article will focus on the benefits to your business.

Personalize Your Local SEO

Authorship offers the best of both worlds in many respects, adding search authority to your business profile while also lending it a personal touch. It identifies your employees as creators of content on your site – as well as elsewhere on the web and Google+ – and displays their profile picture next to links and videos 

This benefits your local SEO in several ways:

  • Previously sterile-looking links are suddenly associated with a real person and take up more search real estate, making them stand out significantly more than normal results.
  • A win-win scenario develops for employee and employer, where the former builds a reputation for individual expertise, and the latter reaps the higher search rankings and increased traffic that come with it.
  • Multiple employees can go to work on SEO at the same time, establishing expert author profiles in specific skills and geographic areas.
  • Opportunities to create content on other quality sites with high local relevance are now doubly productive, as connections are established through both the usual direct links and the individual's author profile.

Google+ is an increasingly popular source of search signals, so the more high-quality author profiles you can associate with your business, the better. Focus on building distinct and targeted expert areas for each author, so that their pictures (and your business) will be popping up all over Google for years to come.

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