The Value of Guest Blogging in Local Search Marketing

The Value of Guest Blogging in Local Search Marketing

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

\As you work to develop a website that is effective in your local market, you'll need to carefully consider the nature of your blog posts. The topics of these posts need to relate to your intended audience and should be shared in a timely manner. But the origin of the blog updates could be every bit as important as the content covered therein. The following are just a few of the significant benefits you could garner through the careful incorporation of guest blog posts:

Greater Content Scope

If you're the sole party responsible for adding content to your blog, the number of topics available for accurate coverage could be limited. An invitation to a knowledgeable guest blogger automatically expands the scope of what you're able to cover on your page without sacrificing accuracy or blog quality.

Traffic Boost

When you're seeking out the perfect guest blogger for your website, be sure to look for someone who has managed to garner a significant following, both through traditional blogs and on various social media platforms. When your guest blogger shares the finished product on his or her website or Facebook page, chances are, you'll experience a significant bump in traffic as dedicated fans check out the guest post. If those visitors like what they see, you can expect repeat visits, particularly if they recognize that you, like their favorite blogger, are an integral part of the local community.

Establishing Credibility

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the incorporation of a guest blogger is the sheer increase in credibility that occurs when a respected member of the community decides to contribute to your page. That bump in credibility is particularly important if you are just getting started in the often cutthroat world of local business. There's no easier way to make yourself more credible in the eyes of viewers than to show off your relationship with a respected member of the community.

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