Why Search Errors are Devastating for Your Business

Why Search Errors are Devastating for Your Business

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

Any time there's a system that involves human input, it will involve a whole lot of creativity, originality, diversity and errors. Unfortunately, errors can cause a lot of damage and misdirect a lot of traffic on the Internet, especially when those errors involve the most important data of all, business contact information. In fact, in one survey of 40,000 different businesses found online errors to be a problem in all sorts of online presence, including:

  • 15% of businesses have missing or bad links.
  • 18% had the wrong phone number included.
  • 19% had the wrong website address posted.
  • 37% suffered the wrong business name or, worse, it was missing altogether.
  • 43% had a bad physical address included.

Fixing the above errors takes time and effort, as well as money in many cases. Many companies can try to assign someone to keep track of listings and correct them where problems pop up, but it takes dedication. If a business is strapped and needs their staff to be working on five other things first, error-finding is not going to produce consistent results. And each error can potentially cost a customer the longer it sits live in virtual land.

It's important to understand that content and listing errors don't just happen on their own. They can be created by something as simple as a company changing and expanding. A business may decide to move to a newer, bigger location, but someone forgot to update all the existing online references. Worse, present search listings may still be referencing old web pages in cache systems. These fixes can be repaired with search engines over time, but often companies themselves have to go from search engine to search engine to do the repair on each listing that exists.

An alternative way to deal with errors is to include the work in the same support service being used to establish a business' presence online. Qualified providers with experience will often include monitoring and reputation services alongside their search establishment services. The two combined can create a very powerful business solution for company looking not just to get started online to but to keep that momentum going correctly.

The possibility or presence of errors shouldn't be ignored. Where normally a first impression can be recoverable, on the Internet it can literally mean losing a customer for good via distance. And when a company is growing and relies heavily on a digital revenue stream from e-commerce purchases, listing errors shouldn't be tolerated. And relying on a good service to help find and fix these problems can allow a company to stay ahead of issues before they become a permanent negative effect on the bottom line.

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