Tips for successful content marketing: Pique Their Interest And Keep Them Reading!

Tips for successful content marketing: Pique Their Interest And Keep Them Reading!

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

The ongoing battle to peak your reader's interest and keep them reading your great content is a battle you can win, easily. To put it simply, knowing where on the page your readers begin to read makes all the difference. The area I'm referring to is that part of the page where a large percentage of readers start to scan your content. Your readers are focused and searching for keywords within the so-called “Golden Triangle.” Once their keywords are found, they will delve deeper into the page and very quickly determine whether to stay or go. I prefer the former, and so should you. 


The part of the page that will determine if a reader moves on is located at the upper left and down the left side. Presumably, this is where the main keywords are located, or should be. You may be wondering about why this location is so important. Your keyword rich title is centered at the top of the page and we read from left to right. It only makes sense then, to have your most important keyword in the title and close to the beginning of the title itself. The same is true for the left side of the page. Here, there are links to topics of interest all of which should be keywords that will attract your reader's attention. Bolding these words also plays an important role to help organize the page and quickly draw your reader's eyes to exactly where you need them. 


Publishing great content that is never seen is hardly worth the effort, wouldn't you agree? With that in mind at the moment, let's take a look at exactly what makes a keyword so important. At the risk of sounding redundant, keywords are by definition the little word gems that attract your reader's attention and keeps it on your page. What is more important however, is finding the correct group of keywords that will set your content apart from the others. This lies in understanding the importance and techniques involved in keyword research

While it is important to research a great keyword, it is becoming even more important to research and use the long-tail version of that keyword. In other words, a group of two or three or more words that make up a phrase that your readers enter into the search box in their browser. Using a long-tail keyword for your title is an excellent technique as long as it does the job it’s intended to do!  

The reason keyword research is so highly regarded has to do with how most searchers react to the search engine listings they're presented with. Human nature combined with the fact that most of us are very busy and can't afford to waste time, clicking on the first three or five listings is usually about as far we go to begin our detailed search. This is why it is vital to optimize your page for keywords and keyword placement.