Hyper local shifts your business into hyper-drive

Hyper local shifts your business into hyper-drive

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

A hyper-local online internet marketing strategy is a great way for you to extend your reach and serve local communities.

Tom Shapiro writes for MarketingProfs that you can enact a hyper-local strategy in three ways: Greeting customers at many online destinations, always providing a phone number and partnering with complementary businesses.

First, making your online presence known beyond your website and social media profiles can be accomplished through guest posts on respected blogs in your industry, contributions to local newspapers or syndicated content on other websites that serve your niche.

"As a ubiquitous resource, you'll become an obvious first choice when consumers shop for your product or service," Shapiro explains to the media outlet.

However, optimizing your social media profiles is also an important part of hyper-local, explains Econsultancy. You can remain especially relevant by creating specific pages for each of your businesses if you operate in more than one city.

Phone numbers should always be present on your Google Places Page, but also make sure contact information is present and readily available on other destinations as well, writes Shapiro.

Finally, an example of partnering with complementary businesses may be a local boutique working with a spa to offer a special makeover package. 

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