Three steps to local search legitimacy - profile, website, reviews

Three steps to local search legitimacy - profile, website, reviews

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

According to a Google Places Stats & Facts page, one in five searches on Google are performed used local search - more than 2 billion per month. What's more, 40 percent of all mobile traffic is local in nature.

So, armed with this knowledge, how present is your company on local search results?

If you don't have a completed profile, you're likely nonexistent. Business Insider explains that all business information listed on Google Places must be accurate. You shouldn't lead your potential customers astray to a misspelled address or your old location. Along those same lines, make sure your listed phone number leads to your establishment rather than a disconnected line or some other business. What's more, profiles should contain well-written descriptions of your business, along with images, videos or "other signals that boost your credibility," the news source reports.

"It's not evident that a complete profile correlates to rankings, but having all fields filled out creates a better user experience and potentially allows a listing to rank for a wider set of terms," The Search Agents notes.

While a Google Places profile is important for your business to consider, don't neglect your website either. There's no point in launching a local search campaign to draw potential buyers to your site if it's unable to convert traffic into customers, Business Insider explains.

The primary targets you're trying to entertain by updating your company's website are those local searchers who don't immediately turn to the Google Map located on the side of the search results to find the business near them. If they click on links on the results page instead, be sure that your website not only works and looks good, but offers a visible contact tab so people can find your location.

Step three is getting reviews. Yelp should be the obvious first choice given its popularity, but Google also stands out as a review source.

"People use reviews and ratings as one of the most important factors when deciding who to contact and where to purchase something," the media outlet claims.

Reviews also act as a strong local search ranking factor, because people are going to be more likely to choose a local store with a majority of five-star reviews than a place with one-star reviews - or even worse, no reviews at all.  

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