Organic Local Search and PPC Offer A Powerful Results Based Marketing Strategy : RevLocal

Organic Local Search and PPC Offer A Powerful Results Based Marketing Strategy : RevLocal

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

The bustling world of marketing and advertisement is not what it used to be. The Don Drapers of the world may not be extinct, but more and more are looking for work. That is in part thanks to the rise in internet accessibility and the need for search engine optimization. 50% of businesses and many private individuals have their own websites.

When someone wants to find something—whether it is a product, a service or even just information—they turn to the internet to get what they need. This is not a trend that appears to be fading, something we addressed in a previous blog on the future of internet marketing.

To stay a step ahead in this market, you have to use the internet to your advantage. This is the goal of organic local SEO, to improve visibility in search engine results. The trouble is that gaining placement for top rated keywords is competitive and time consuming. This led many people to seek purchased space on the first page of results.

Pay-per-click advertisements, or PPC campaigns as they are often referred to, charge a simple premium per click. Users find your ad, click on it, and you pay for their business. A strong PPC campaign can increase website traffic as much as 30%, especially when they are launched alongside a strong organic SEO program taking up valuable first page search result real estate.

Research Indicates that Organic Search is More Effective than Paid Search

There are many website owners who have embarked on expensive PPC campaigns only to realize the return on investment when used on its own isn’t always as high as anticipated. Early in 2013 the online research firm UserCentric conducted a study to determine just how effective those side-panel advertisements are in capturing people’s attention.

Of Google users, less than 30 percent of users looked at PPC advertisements. The percentage of Bing users was even smaller.

To collect this data, UserCentric used eye-scanning technology that allowed it to track where people look in order to gain a greater level of understanding as to what people look for, when they look and where they are looking for it.

While this is discouraging information for many who have invested in PPC campaigns, it is not to say that the ads serve no purpose. Data from PPC campaigns can be a valuable tool for you to use in your organic SEO program.

PPC advertisements can provide you with valuable information, like:

  • Keywords people are looking for
  • Search trends
  • Strenght of the offer or promotion
  • Immediate sales or results

Improving your organic search placement is often just as much of a financial investment as a PPC campaign, but the results it provides are more steady and often more fruitful. To improve your organic search results, you have to put quality work into your website, which often includes keyword immersion, back-linking, proper use of title and graphic tags as well a adding fresh contnet.

In addition to improving your website's placement in search engine results, many SEO tactics create a better user experience which can further improve website traffic.  While well run PPC campaigns can be very effective, as a rule they preform better when combined with engaging organic search engine marketing campaigns. 

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This article beautifully mentions the steps to be taken to reap the benefit of internet in your business. It helped me a lot in understanding my own business.

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