2 major reasons Google Plus is important for local SEO

2 major reasons Google Plus is important for local SEO

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

As Google develops and expands its online presence, marketers should be aware of how every different facet of the search engine's service will play a role in local search efforts. Small businesses that are looking to gain recognition in their surrounding communities should be taking advantage of the opportunities Google Plus is offering for increased local visibility.

Companies should already be incorporating local SEO strategies into their marketing programs because the future of business depends on recognition on a local level. But integrating social media, such as Google Plus, into the mix is becoming necessary. Here are two reasons why Google Plus is increasingly important to use:

Authorship: Business 2 Community pointed out that organizations can optimize their websites by making sure their Google Plus profiles contain all contact information and linking to relevant content. This will not only improve ranking but make it easier for prospects to get in touch with the business.

Expansion: theEword Digital Marketing Blog touts Google Plus as one of the most innovative ways to reach a larger local audience. How? By taking advantage of the tools available to track target audiences and providing them with relevant experiences.

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