4 ways to improve local search experiences on mobile

4 ways to improve local search experiences on mobile

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

People use local search as a way to get in contact with businesses in their community on the go, meaning they mostly interact with local company search results on their mobile devices. Mobile-optimized websites allow users to move effortlessly from local search pages to company sites without having loading problems or screen formatting issues, therefore making their experiences smooth and easy. If companies are not able to provide this for users, they may miss out on a lot of lead generation opportunities.

Using all available resources to take advantage of local mobile search opportunities is key. Search Engine Watch pointed out that marketers need to have a plan when it comes to mobile conversion optimization. If there isn't an organized structure or approach to reach local customers on their smartphones or tablets, businesses may not only lose prospects but customers as well. Look deeper into how to optimize for touch screens or non-touch screens, different screen sizes, mobile site functionality and calls to action. In order to have an effective strategic mobile local SEO campaign, here are four tools that might come in handy:

1. Google Analytics
Search Engine Watch pointed out that there are other ways to read mobile analytics. But Google Analytics is touted by many professionals to be the best, especially with the new Enhanced Campaign designed to target device-specific users.

2. Responsive design
Although it's not technically a tool, as Search Engine Journal stated, responsive design is the best bet for marketers to build a strong mobile website. It allows content to be functional and useful in any situation, whether on a desktop or on a smartphone.

3. Yelp
Yelp is one of the most important sites that consumers use to interact and connect with businesses, especially for local search. Search Engine Journal said users turn to Yelp to read reviews on businesses in their vicinity, making decisions based on those reviews. If a company has a good Yelp review, they may even rank higher on search engines. 

4. Facebook Ads
Facebook recently changed its local search settings, renaming the "Nearby" tool to "Local Search" to increase user interaction. As the social media company encourages users to search on its website, marketers should also provide ads to get their attention and, hopefully, lead to more conversions.

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