Could a new Google Chrome extension negatively affect local search?

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Google launched a new add-on for Chrome called Silencer that allows users to "silence" any content they don't want to see on their Twitter or Facebook feeds. The developer has included the extension in the productivity category, which suggests the filter is to erase distractions. But the official description says to use it to minimize sports or TV spoilers from fellow fans when you haven't had time yet to watch the game. 

CNET blogger Matt Elliott said he uses Silencer for exactly that - to tune out results that friends invariably post about the results of a big game or a TV show that he plans to watch later.

The developer's description also encourages Silencer users to tune out of the posts from friends or co-workers who you can't unfriend but don't want to follow anymore. It's unclear whether this extension will catch on - according to Elliott, it still has some bugs and could be a little more user-friendly. But one wonders: What is the potential for Silencer users to block out marketing keywords, and how will this affect small-business owners' social media local search strategies?

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