Don't make these 4 local SEO mistakes

Don't make these 4 local SEO mistakes

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Google isn't exactly upfront about search engine optimization and the programs used to rank websites, but there are well-known mistakes that marketers should be aware of when planning their local SEO campaigns. Taking the time to make sure all procedures are up to date and help the website gain full visibility on local searches will be beneficial in the long run. Because Google constantly changes its policies and rolls out unannounced Panda updates, it's hard to find what affects website rank. But the search engine has made it clear that its efforts are to provide the highest quality and relevancy for users, and marketers should keep that in mind.

However small and insignificant the errors may seem to companies, it's important that the issues are resolved in a timely manner so the site isn't penalized. Lost opportunities for local prospects could have a lasting effect on companies, but taking care of the mistakes immediately can allow marketers to move forward successfully. Ensure that local business websites are running properly and employing only the highest quality of SEO so they can rank well on local searches and garner traffic. Here are four mistakes to avoid:

1. Ignoring Google
While the search engine isn't completely upfront with all of its actions and procedures, it does hint to a lot of its policies. Keeping an eye on what Google says and tells marketers is extremely beneficial. In addition, Search Engine People said it's important to listen and answer to Google if they reach out to the company after finding fault with the website or business listing.

2. Too much emphasis on links
Link building builds a website's reputation if it is done well and with authoritative links, but relying on link building to garner visibility and better rankings is foolish. Business 2 Community says better SEO comes with a well-rounded approach that includes content marketing, social media interaction and Google authorship, among other tactics.

3. Listing repeats
Search Engine People says duplicates can occur if Yellow Pages has information, but the company has verified it elsewhere. Clean this up by bringing the issue to Google's attention and hopefully it will take care of it.

4. Inconsistent contact information
Having a variety of contact and business information can be confusing for prospects and hinder proper communication. Consistency is key for proper optimization and will ensure that consumers are able to get in contact with the company if need be.

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