How Facebook Home uses local search

How Facebook Home uses local search

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Social media is closely intertwined with local search, as social platforms have quickly become an important way for consumers to find businesses within their vicinity. People want to know what companies their friends or other users turn to in various industries, and using Facebook or Foursquare is the best way to find out. A variety of social networking sites now incorporate local search options on sites and mobile apps, making it easier for users to connect with companies in their areas. This means marketers should adjust campaigns accordingly and make sure that the business's information is consistent and viewable by those coming in contact with it.

The connection between social media and local search is very important, and Facebook is even taking it to the next level by incorporating it into its new Facebook Home phone. While Search Engine Land says the new phone has made it slightly harder to reach the search feature, there are ways the phone offers more search options. Instead of being a one-step process, searching on Facebook Home is a two-step process. There is always the option of searching in Chrome on the Android phone, though. However, SEL also points out that there are a wide variety of ways consumers can still come across local business information. Marketer should make sure company information is accurate and available for interested parties. Here are some other ways to optimize for local search on Facebook Home:

Check-ins: Facebook users can check in easier using their Facebook Home phone, and that mention will show up on their timeline and other people's newsfeeds. Foursquare can be shared on Facebook profiles, also providing a link to the business's Foursquare page.

Places: This widget also shows up on people's timelines, displaying recent check-ins and can show other users where people went and what they were doing there.

Map: Along with the Places widget, the Facebook Map shows where users have checked in or where they have been tagged. This could help marketers target audiences and see how customers interact at other establishments.

Status updates: Users have the option of determining a location to set their status in. This often involves choosing from a list of local businesses in the area. Marketers should make sure their company is listed for people to check in and include in their status updates.

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Wow. Very informative post! I'm not able to use Facebook nowadays. So I don't know the ins and outs of it anymore. But because of your post, I'll try to use it again.

Friday, May 17, 2013 by Register Business Philippines