How to attract journalists for better PR and local SEO

How to attract journalists for better PR and local SEO

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Businesses looking to benefit from local SEO need to start thinking about how to make their sites more reputable and attractive for interested parties. Search engine optimization tactics should be centered around how to make sites rank better in Google and how to provide the most relevant content and useful visitor experience. Those looking for a company and researching with local searches should be able to come across a brand easily and be prompted to purchase its products or services based on the information provided. Improving the website's publicity is a good place to start to gain more traffic and spread brand awareness.

Social Media Today pointed out good public relations can significantly improve SEO and build the company as an integral part of its industry and community. For instance, good PR can build connections with other industry experts and brands, improve the reputation of the organization and its website with link-building and bring more prospects to the site with press releases, social media content and strong keywords strategies. Plus, those who work closely with the media know which trends can be adapted into the brand culture and help marketers focus their keyword and content strategy.

Here are four pieces of advice to attracting journalists' attention and garnering the right audience through local search optimization efforts:

1. Conduct research on journalists and publications
Know how the publications rank from respectable to less reputable and pinpoint which reporters specialize in certain industries. Search Engine Land supplied a pyramid of resources, putting The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times on the top, with local newspapers and blogs closer to the bottom.

2. Organize press releases
SEL suggested scheduling company announcements ahead of time and taking the time to prepare thoroughly for the release. It's also good to be patient, as timing is everything.

3. Be aware of other industry PR
Timing is important because the company needs to have as much exposure to journalists as possible. If another product or service is being launched on the same day, there is a chance that one might get more attention.

4. Adapt
If there does happen to be a huge release by another company or competitor in the same time frame, Search Engine Land suggests changing the date and waiting for a better time so the brand, product or service and website sees ample interest.

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