How to boost local SEO with major social networks

How to boost local SEO with major social networks

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Social media marketing is becoming an integral part of how search engines rank websites. Because social interaction declares a brand reputable, the more activity a company's profile has, the higher it will rank on regular searches and local search. As consumers perform research on social platforms and look to connect with companies on social platforms, businesses can build good rapport with their following and improve brand image. These efforts also lead to performing better on local searches and will create a close-knit community for small businesses. Spreading brand awareness within the immediate area is possible with ample social activity.

If companies can garner visibility on bigger networks such as Facebook or Twitter, they may see more opportunities to find social recognition. But because the sites have more users, it's not always easy to do so. But with patience and dedication to the social realm, small businesses can see payoff. Strong social media tactics that are implemented now will be beneficial down the road and give the brand a leg up over competitors, within the community and online. Here are three social media opportunities that local SEO marketers can't ignore:

1. Optimizing Facebook content
Companies need to make sure they are first measuring their social media metrics closely so they can hone in on what content their target audience is looking for. Getting more involved with specific keywords will lead to more likes, comments and shares, and the more people share brand content, the higher the company website will rank on Google or other search engines. MarketingProfs pointed out that businesses can attract interested parties with Facebook Ads, Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories.

2. Planning YouTube content
Creating quality video content and encouraging discussion in the comments section will help Google recognize the company as reputable and rank its website higher. MarketingProfs points out that every industry can promote on YouTube because its content is so diverse, but current events and the latest news can bring about more discussion. Try to impact viewers and inform them on the latest relevant happenings.

3. Claiming authorship on Google Plus
Google Plus is essentially the right-hand man to Google, and the content listed on Google Plus directly affects how a website is ranked on local searches. Marketing Land stated that taking authorship of the company website will help content visibility.

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