How to build links for local search marketing

How to build links for local search marketing

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

As companies look to improve their local searching marketing efforts, they should simultaneously look to build their brands' reputability. The more respected a brand is, the more people and other experts in the industry to will want to interact with it. Creating a strong brand community is important, because it allows marketers to use those connections and relationships to their advantage. Dedicated customers will become marketers and salespeople themselves, plus online activity will become more positive and abundant. This will help with local SEO strategies and allow companies to garner the attention they deserve.

But one of the most important parts of improving SEO is building a strong link system. Google looks for sites that are most relevant and offer top experiences for visitors, and those with proper and useful links will rank higher on search engines. But doing so takes time, and marketers need to have a strategy from the beginning. Professional local search services make the process go a lot smoother and help implement strong tactics for continued success.

As companies look to improve their strategies and want to see their marketing efforts pay off in the community, they will need to learn how to start and continue their link building tactics. Here are four tactics to do so:

1. Press releases
Not only do brands gain reputability by educating their target audiences and providing company transparency, they gain more links from other sites. Press releases could be picked up by newspapers or other news sources and garner more attention within the community as well as on a larger scale.

2. Maps
Search Engine Journal suggests taking a customized map and replacing the Google maps code with a link to the company website. This is easy, and marketers can do it when they have events or points of interest for the company.

3. Fellow bloggers
Bloggers should combine forces and create a relevant and useful experience for the target audience within their industry. Search Engine Journal says that local bloggers can boost links and SEO by offering positive reviews on their sites and linking back to the company's site. This improves local SEO strategies, but also gives readers more information about the business.

4. YouTube videos
In a manner similar to the Google Maps linking tactic, marketers can further engage audiences with entertaining or informative YouTube videos. Always direct viewers back to the company website and make it easy for interested prospects to research the brand further.

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