How to build SEO correctly

How to build SEO correctly

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

There is a hierarchy to SEO that you must keep in mind when building a site for local SEO and local search success, Search Engine Optimization Journal reports.

For example, you should never pick your keywords prior to creating content, as it may lead to keyword stuffing and awkward sentences. Low-quality content combined with spam-like keyword placement is a recipe for SEO disaster that a site may never recover from.

The news source points to the importance of targeting the right keywords for your intended audience and determining the competition for them. Typically, long-tail keywords "drive a more targeted visitor" despite its potential to create less traffic.

Search Engine Watch reports that Google AdWords recently altered its keyword tool, switching competition data from a green bar to the words "Low," "Medium" and "High." The text-based descriptions are intended to make AdWords easier for businesses to use.

SEO Journal adds that further up the SEO food chain is on-site optimization. A site cannot be optimized for web without first creating content and choosing keywords to incorporate on a page-by-page basis.

Link building sits atop the pyramid. Off-site links can come from marketing and social media efforts, as well as blog commenting and online PR, among others.

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