How to build solid links for better local SEO

How to build solid links for better local SEO

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

As a company launches a website, it should start looking to gain reputability and garner a more established following with local search efforts. However, a large part of spreading brand awareness is the ability to have a well-respected brand within the community and the overall industry. If other resources and experts recognize the business as a worthy organization and are willing to establish a professional relationship with the brand, then target audiences and larger customer bases are going to want in on the action. The professional community that surrounds a brand means a lot from a marketing perspective, and developing one is an important step in the right direction.

Link building, or the practice of having other reputable sources link back to the company website, is an essential part of improving search engine ranking. This is where having a solid professional community comes in handy. As more experts, bloggers or publications link to the company website, the more reputable the website will become in Google's eyes and to readers. Link building is an important part of connecting with others online and can bring a higher level of notoriety for the brand, but there is a specific strategy behind the process. Here are four tips to build safe and solid links for the company website:

1. Think long-term for now
Comparing link building to the stock market move of investing in the safest bet, Search Engine Journal says to invest in links that will provide constant content with a reliable audience. This is a smart step and a good way to slowly but surely build links.

2. Try out new sources
There are some trending sites that comes along that could build reputation significantly down the road. Trying out a new site that has potential could benefit the company in the long run.

3. Be aware of the content schedule
Search Engine Land says to always plan content in advance and offer the latest news so other sites will turn to the company website as a primary source. Make sure that what is being crafted is shareable and useful for other writers or experts within the industry. 

4. Aim for the best directories
This is especially important for local search efforts. Pinpoint the best directories and start building links with those. Don't rely solely on directories to establish the website; instead, work on building more solid links with industry experts.

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