How to improve local search efforts with content marketing

How to improve local search efforts with content marketing

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Google has been making a significant amount of changes to its programs and services and businesses should keep up and take advantage of the new local search opportunities offered. But something that still remains the same is the importance of relevant content that will engage readers and get them interested in the brand. Local businesses looking to garner recognition within their immediate community should take into account how their website is viewed and whether it has a leg up on any of the surrounding competitors. This is where content marketing comes in. While strong, natural-flowing website material boosts ranking, visitors will hopefully appreciate the information offered and engage with the company on a deeper level.

Content marketing, however, is not as easy as just writing good blog posts or having a clear call to action on landing pages. Developing a close community online and boosting the brand image by getting others to share the content across the internet is important. There are many strategies companies can take, but here are a few to get started:

1. Become an expert
Companies can build a strong customer base by offering industry news or educational e-books, hosting webinars and sharing other relevant material. This will get people coming to the site for the latest industry happenings will position the company well for Google ranking.

2. Tell a story
Let readers see a little more about the internal procedures of the company. Transparency is a big deal to a lot of consumers and they like to understand how businesses are run. Keep customers in the loop by offering a company story that shows the progression of the organization, says Business 2 Community.

3. Know the target audience
If marketers are producing content that is not relevant to their specific audience, they are missing out on a lot of opportunities to engage qualified leads. Make sure that people who are using local search to find the business are engaged when they reach the website and are enticed to research more.

4. Include visuals
Infographics, videos or simply high-quality photographs are good ways to offer a compelling experience and present important information in a visually pleasing manner, according to Search Engine Journal. Offer the option of sharing the visual on social media platforms to increase brand buzz.

5. Ask guest bloggers
Diversify the blog content and show readers the company has good relationships with industry professionals. Give a guest blogger the opportunity to write some stories for the site.

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