Hyper-local SEO strategy gets boost from multiple city landing pages

Hyper-local SEO strategy gets boost from multiple city landing pages

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Everyone knows that local search engine optimization is vital for local business success, and everyone knows that a business' landing page is crucial to local search marketing. What people don't often realize is that creating multiple landing pages for your business is a surefire way to gain local search optimization.

Why make separate landing pages for local SEO?
If you want to go beyond local search and make your business hyper-local, it is a good idea to use separate landing pages. For example, internet users who live in a large city such as Chicago are more likely to use long-tail keywords like "carpet cleaner in Edgewater, Chicago," a North-side neighborhood. If businesses with a specific service radius - for example, a business in Avondale that serves clients in other Chicago neighborhoods, including Edgewater - it's a great idea to make landing pages for each specific neighborhood that you serve. Thus, though long-tail keywords garner less local search traffic, your business is more likely to be featured.

Which businesses benefit most?
Businesses that offer a service radius, such as mechanics or landscapers, will benefit most from using multiple landing pages, because they can actually serve clients living outside the neighborhood of a business' established address. In fact, Google will penalize businesses such as dentists, lawyers, restaurants - none of which deliver - and small shops that use multiple landing pages with duplicate content because it is so spammy. Additionally, this might annoy customers who are less familiar with SEO tactics. If local businesses don't have a service radius but want to attract clients from different areas, landing page customization may be just the ticket. Using responsible local search marketing tactics always benefits the company.

Tips for great landing pages using hyper-local SEO
The most important part about creating multiple landing pages as part of a hyper-local internet marketing strategy is spending time on each one, making them unique and well-written to best represent the business to site visitors. It's important that each site is completely customized to the city and neighborhood for which it is meant. When creating a great landing page, many people realize the effectiveness of location, keyword-laden headings and a call-to-action, but small businesses developing a local search strategies don't often realize the importance of using videos and photos tagged with precise keywords. These greatly enhance multiple landing pages.

When choosing a local search marketing strategy, make it hyper-local with multiple effective landing pages.

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Nice article. We can expect these strategies to continue being useful for the rest of the year and the next. Unless Google will roll out another revolutionary algorithm update, the above strategies are sure to boost your local SEO campaign.

Sunday, January 05, 2014 by kentoy