Local search evolving and impacting more businesses

Local search evolving and impacting more businesses

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Local search is expanding, and companies now have the opportunity to make better use of their businesses on a smaller, more community-based level. Large corporations are looking to market to local societies because it creates a more tight-knit and meaningful relationship with consumers. Getting discovered on local search results opens up new ways to engage consumers while also giving businesses a chance to provide more thorough and useful information for interested parties. The opportunities are endless and expand at a rapid rate. Websites that are not locally targeted are doing themselves a disservice.

Understanding SEO evolution
Search engine optimization has changed drastically in the last few years. There are new ways for marketers to garner visibility and spread brand awareness, but it requires companies to listen to search engine guidelines and work toward a higher relevancy for customers. Of the many SEO trends that are predicted to define 2013, Search Engine Journal announced localization as one of them. Consumers are increasingly aware of local businesses in their area and how to find them online or when using mobile devices. Businesses, therefore, are paying closer attention to where and how their target audiences interact.

SEJ also pointed out that Google prefers local websites and the information they provide, ranking them higher and getting them out there for users to see. It's important for companies to utilize local search or partner with professional local SEO experts to take care of business listings, track citations, manage reviews and tend to map data. Having a well-rounded approach that appeals to Google will help a company website rank higher now and fare well far into the future.

Smart local search marketing
Taking all the necessary steps to ensure local SEO perfection starts with the basics, such as keywords, authorship or social media activity, and proceeds beyond SEO expectations. Business 2 Community suggests businesses make sure they have local profiles set and ready to go with all the necessary information and optimization, customer reviews are displayed on the site for others to see and quality website content includes visuals, such as photos or videos. These factors will assuredly be a key key player in local SEO now and in the future, meaning companies should develop their campaigns accordingly.

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