Local SEO experts debate link building with Penguin 2.0

Local SEO experts debate link building with Penguin 2.0

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

In general, SEO best practices include using descriptive, concise anchor text with keywords, rather than phrases like "click here." But these days, that definitely isn't enough.

With the release of Google's Penguin 2.0, SEO experts are trying to determine what Google wants in link building and which practices are penalized in local search rankings. Recently, Matt Cutts announced that a large number of sites were penalized for their linking practices. Glenn Gabe, a digital marketing consultant, found in his analysis of 13 different websites that these sites were often ranked lower in SERPs because they used an excessive number of exact match keywords that linked back to the sites' home pages or deeper pages. 

Many SEO experts are predicting that keyword usage and anchor text will fall by the wayside in favor of less easily manipulated link building. What does this mean? SEO expert Pratik Dholakiya wrote in Search Engine Journal that hard-earned co-citations will take the place of anchor text and link building best practices for local SEO. Co-citations are a part of Google analytics, whereby statistical correlations are used to compare relationships between links shared by different businesses. Dholakiya and others recommend gaining co-citations by creating good content and keeping updated on industry trends.

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To avoid penalized on Google Penguin make sure your using white hat method, it's manually building your links.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013 by Nathan Mathews