Party supplier increases SEO impression share by 10 percent

Party supplier increases SEO impression share by 10 percent

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Discount Party Supplies recently deployed a paid local search marketing campaign to increase traffic to its website and drive sales.

The two primary goals of the local SEO implementation was to increase the retailer's impression share as well as its click-through rate. At the completion of the project, Discount Party Supplies reported a 10 percent increase in impression share and a 0.5 percent growth in click-through rate.

Discount Party Supplies was able to achieve this success through the use of digital marketing intelligence tools that provided managers with insight into the company's SEO campaign as well as the effort put forward by its competitors. The tools outlined specific keywords, budgets, ad copy and landing pages that could be enhanced to boost SEO performance and profits.

In addition, Real Estate Advisory Services, a Sacramento real estate brokerage firm, also launched an online marketing campaign to increase SEO content on its website to drive traffic and increase business. The brokerage firm developed blogs, articles and other marketing materials filled with SEO keywords and content to increase visibility online.

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