Should a blog be evergreen or news-based?

Should a blog be evergreen or news-based?

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

When blogging, one must keep search engine optimization in mind at all times. Constantly changing Google algorithms and the pressure to be listed on a search engine's first page have made optimizing blog posts an essential part of any local SEO campaign.

According to the blog of Michael Gray, president of internet consulting firm Atlas Web Service, before a blogger even begins his or her journey into the blogosphere, they must determine whether the post will be topical to drive traffic, or evergreen so it can be retweeted at a later date.

Gray recommends choosing a hybrid approach, mixing current news posts with content that will be relevant weeks or months down the road. He suggests an 80/20 division, with evergreen receiving the majority.

This is because evergreen blogs are easier to run, and can be retweeted or pushed in social media channels. Incorporating keywords into these posts is integral, since each retweet will act as another opportunity for Google to recognize the keywords on your site.

ProBlogger suggests one way to increase blog post popularity is to avoid using bigger, complex words that may confuse people. While on the surface it may looks better to stretch out your vernacular while blogging, people are less likely to share a post if they don't think others will understand it. Keep it simple.

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