Stay on top of these 4 local search trends

Stay on top of these 4 local search trends

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Local search marketing is an important factor for businesses looking to grow their customer base in the coming year. Local organizations that want to gain online visibility and garner new website views need to turn to local search opportunities and make their names known on the web. Recent search engine advancements point to the increasing importance of local marketing and that it's here to stay. Many small businesses that employ local marketing have already seen an increase in sales, and there is much more to come. Google has been making changes and improvements at a rapid rate, meaning there may be unique and beneficial opportunities to take advantage of in the near future.

The past year already saw a variety of adjustments and new tools that marketers can use to make their local search efforts surpass the competition. But the key is to pay attention to what is currently happening in the search engine marketing world and how it will develop into something more useful in the coming months. Some of what 2013 will bring will be an addition to what happened last year, and some of it will be completely new and exciting. Here are five things to watch out for:

1. SMB action
Small and mid-sized businesses will have added benefits with the re-introduction of Google dashboards, Google Plus business pages, advertising tools and analytics materials, according to Hubspot. These will make local search marketing a lot easier while also improving campaigns and strategies specifically for local enterprises. 

2. Google reigns supreme
Forbes points out that Google is still the main search engine that people use, meaning it is the most important search engine to market for. It will remain the most important horizontal site for local search, although searchers may venture to other sites every once in a while and marketers need to optimize on multiple search engines.

3. SEO constantly changing
Search engine optimization is a complex necessity that offers multiple benefits for businesses, but it does involve a strategic team to manage. It's essential that marketers stay on top of SEO so as to improve local search efforts, especially the new Panda and Penguin changes that may affect any local marketing strategies, says Forbes.

4. Social SEO will affect rank
Social media interaction will affect website ranking, and companies should be ready to feel it algorithmically, says Hubspot. While the change will be minimal, it is sure to increase as more people interact on social sites.

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