Tips for growing your base of keywords

Tips for growing your base of keywords

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

Keywords need nurturing in order for them to grow. You can't just create a list of keywords and sit back - rather, you need to think about things such as building a list of modifiers, determining intent, etc., Search Engine Land explains.

"When you plant seedlings, you need to plant them in groups according to how much sun they need and how aerated the soil should be," writes Jenny Halasz in a separate article from the news source. "You also want the plants to be visually appealing when they grow, so they need to be spaced appropriately and you'll want to have a plan for how tall they grow and what colors they'll be at maturity."

These gardening metaphors can be used when creating a keyword plan to grow revenue.

For instance, look for natural keyword patterns by observing which of your terms are being searched for with the most frequency, and omit those that tend to attract the wrong type of visitor.

Also, tidy up. Categorize your keywords and draw up a keyword map to determine how well your categories correspond with existing webpages. Perfect or near perfect matches are ripe for optimization.  

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