Understand the consumer journey to improve local SEO

Understand the consumer journey to improve local SEO

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Marketers need to be able to see the bigger picture in order to understand how to organize and execute their local SEO strategies. Search engine optimization is meant to give reputable websites a leg up on other sites that aren't as useful to users, so it's important for companies to see customers' perspectives and provide content that is suited for target audiences. But this requires marketers to see things from a different point of view. The consumer journey is changing rapidly and companies need to cater to today's market trends.

What is the customer journey?
A Harvard Business Review article recently explored the consumer journey and offered several options for companies to start improving on customer experience. Local search marketing plays an important part in the journey because it connect consumers to companies within their area. In other words, local SEO leads people to the beginning of their journey. But it isn't as simple as it sounds. Aligning business initiatives with the customers' journey involves creating relationships with them and bridging the gap between consumers and businesses.

The HBR article says to share promotional content and educational information with interested prospects and try to pique their interest while also support them with informative materials. Inspire them and get them interested in the local business. The website should offer new products, exciting opportunities for visitors and additional company information for review. Taking this to the next level, it could be a good idea to provide price comparisons to help consumers come to a decision faster or provide context for the products or services offered on the site. Helping shoppers along the way is a smart tactic because it offers consumers a path to take and access to their needs.

Market accordingly
Search Engine Watch says when it comes to customers making purchases on the website, it's best if the process is as easy as possible. Local landing pages are an important part of that process, as they are the place where buyers make their move. Landing pages are the first step in converting people into customers, and their experience on these pages should be easy and smooth.

Landing page formatting is a key factor in the success of the SEO efforts, and they need to have high-quality, strategically placed content. Google has formatting options available for this, according to Search Engine Watch, and it is very aware of how landing pages are designed and keeps track of how relevant and useful they are for website visitors.

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