Video can conquer high-volume keywords

Video can conquer high-volume keywords

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

When the competition for a keyword gets stiff, you focus on less competitive ones you know you can rank highly for, or do you think of alternatives to gain a leg up on the competition?

If you're in the latter party, consider using video to increase the performance of your local SEO campaign, Business Insider explains.

However, before you can determine if video is right for you, utilize Google's Keyword Search Tool to get a handle on how visitors typically land on your site.

This can be done by entering your own website URL into the "Find Keywords" feature, after which Google will display keywords that others have entered prior to your site being recommended in local search results.

In addition, the news source recommends creating a spreadsheet to keep track of regular and long-tail keywords with local monthly searches of 2,000 or more, and where competition for those searches is low.

However, if a small business attempts to conquer higher-volume keywords, video may be a great equalizer. Content that "informs, engages and attracts" clients will build business credibility, while performing tactics such as updating old titles, descriptions and tags, inserting closed captions and placing a call to action in videos can positively affect page rank, Business2Community reports. 

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